Anemia – A Common Curable Disease

Mayo Clinic ,one of world’s top academic and medical centre has defined Anemia as a “ condition in which you lack enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to your body’s tissues”.

It is the most common blood disorder, which affects nearly  one third of the global population and is specially found in underdeveloped &  developing countries .

Major Public Health Problem in India-the prevalence of  Anaemia In India,  is officially  classified as a major public health.According to the National Family Health Survey(NFHS) 2019-20 , Indian women and children are overwhelmingly anemic.The  Survey result  released for 22 States and Uts  showed more than 50% of  children and women were  anaemic, while among men the number was found to be  nearly 30 per cent .

This  is a one such disease which is more common among the younger children and  women specially during pregnancy,mainly due to acute malnutrition prevailing in our country since ages.


Iron Deficiency Anemia  Anaemia trends globally remain strongly correlated with Iron-Deficiency ,caused by a shortage of iron in body.

If left untreated Anemia can cause many health problems such as :

Severe Fatigue,-Anemia if severe ,can make one feel so tired that  even normal day to day activities can not  be performed due to insufficient  oxygen supply in blood .

Pregnancy complication -Often during pregnancy,  count  of red blood cells becomes disproportionate  if the nutrition is not proper,  as the  baby inside uses mother’s red blood cells for growth and development.

Heart Problems– Anemia can lead to rapid and  irregular heart beat-  (arrhythmia). An anemic person’s  heart has to pump more blood  to make up for the lack of oxygen in the blood leading to heart attack and even heart failure.

In most cases Anemia   can be prevented and cured  with sufficient Iron supplement and nutritious food.

KULEKHARA- The Wonder Plant

It is an ancient Ayurvvedic  Medicinal  Plant , Scientific name of Kulekhara  is Hygrophila spinose T.

Botanicallly it is an aquatic plant with flowers in it, with high medicinal value. It  generally grows in wetlands , water bodies or swamp areas, that’s why in English it is named Swamp seeds.

 Origin-The plant originates in India and dominantly found   in the plains of  Eastern India. This is also available  under tropical climatic conditions of the countries like Nepal, Malayshia, Myanmar,Philippines  &Sri Lanka.

Medicinal Value-Entire plant ie  it’s leaves, flower -seeds and roots all  have various medicinal properties .  Kulekhara contains many micronutrients and anti-bacterial elements and some special alkaloids such as mucus and mineral salts which has various medicinal impact on human body if consumed.

Fights  Anemia due to to its Hematopoietic influence – This medicinal  property of the plant’s leaves and stem can cure Iron Deficiency  Anaemia, that affects people of all ages worldwide. Intake of Kulekhara increases Haemoglobin in the blood . A rodent research showed that  red blood cell level and WBC count were increased considerably with its application.

Present situation –Unfortunately a vast area of wetlands are now dried up for construction of building , as a result Kulekhara’s natural growth is reducing gradually. However, knowing the medicinal value of the plant nowadays  it is freshly harvested by the locals as it  is extremely cost effective .

KULERRON – Anti Anemic  Ayurvedic Tonic by House of Branolia

This Ayurvedic medicinal tonic was researched and developed by Branolia Chemical Works, a century old  Herbal Pharmaceutical Company from Bengal, by exploiting Kulekhara as a tool to fight  Iron Deficiency Anemia and enhance haemoglobin.

Kulekhara  is the hero ingredient of Kulerron, with some more  health reviving Ayurvedic Herbs like Ashwagandha , and Nagkesar amongst others which can enhance haemoglobin and reduce anemia if used regularly.

Kulerron is one of the best cost effective antidotes  for Iron Deficiency Anemia with great result. It has been  consumed by people of all ages suffering from the disease over past many years.


Fights Anemia

Enhance Hemoglobin Count

Boosts Immunity level , protecting overall health without any side effect

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