Anemia Mukt Bharat

Anemia a  Pandemic in India

According to WHO’s dashboard, it is seen that the prevalence of anemia in women of reproductive age in India was 53% in 2019, the fifth-highest globally, after Yemen, Mali, Benin, and Nigeria. 

There are many causes of anemia, out of which Iron Deficiency accounts for about 50 percent of anemia in school going children and among women of reproductive age-group, and 80 percent in children of 2–5 years of age.

(Source: Vikaspedia , an online information guide launched by the Government of India’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.)

Classification of Anemia as per National Family Health Survey (NFHS)

Classification Normal Moderate Severe
Men 13g/dL& more 9 – 11.9 g/dL < 9 g/dL
Women(not pregnant) 12g/dL& more 7 – 9.9 g/dL < 7 g/dL
Pregnant Women 11g/dL& more 7 – 9.9 g/dL < 7 g/dL
Children 11g/dL& more 7 – 9.9 g/dL < 7 g/dL

(Source: National Family Health Survey 4 , 2015/16)

Anemia Mukt Bharat 

India has been running the National Nutritional Anaemia Prophylaxis Programme (NNAPP) since 1970 to battle anemia , but unfortunately ,  in the last 10 years  the percentage point reduction of anemia prevalence has been extremely low in most age groups.


Considering the  seriousness and gravity of the anemia situation  in the country ,in 2018 , an  integrated health programme  named Anemia Mukt Bharat has been launched  under The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare jointly with  UNICEF.

The  Anemia Mukt Bharat strategy has been designed to reduce prevalence of anemia by 3 percentage points per year among children, adolescents and women in the reproductive age group (15–49 years), between  2018 and 2022.

Beneficiaries & Target

The Anemia Mukt Bharat strategy is designed to be  implemented in all villages, blocks, and districts of all the States/UTs of India through existing delivery platforms .The programme  is estimated to reach out to 450 million beneficiaries

Anemia Mukt Bharat beneficiaries and anemia reduction targets for different age groups for 2022

Age Group Estd beneficiaries

(in millions)

Children (6–59 months) 124
Children (5–9 years) 134
Adolescent boys (10–19 years) 47
Adolescent girls (10–19 years) 68
Women of reproductive age (20–24 years) 17
Pregnant women 30
Lactating women 27
Total beneficiaries ~450 million

Beneficiary estimations are as per Census 2011 estimations for 2017.


 Present  Scenario

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused and is still causing a major hurdle for India for not being able to  progress towards achieving country’ s target towards reduction of anemia.

 The fifth and latest round of the National Family Health Survey, NFHS-5  has flagged a worrying trend: that instead of reduction in the percentage level, the percentage of anaemic individual actually rose in India in the last five years.


Age Group 2015-16 (NFHS-4) 2019-21(NFHS-5) *2022(Target)
Children 6 to 59 months 58% 67% 40%
Adolescent Girls-15 to 19 Years 54% 59% 36%
Women of Reproductive Age 53% 57% 35%
Pregnant Women 50% 52% 32%
Adolescent boys-15 to 19 Years 29% 31% 11%


While it is a humongous task   to make India anemia free,  Ayurveda  brings a rays of hope to reduce Iron Deficiency Anemia in a very effective manner.

Kulerron- Anemia Reducing  Ayurvedic Tonic by century old Branolia Chemicals, West Bengal

This Ayurvedic medicinal tonic was researched and developed by Branolia Chemical Works, a   Herbal Pharmaceutical House, by exploiting a  medicinal herb  Kulekhara as a scientifically proven haemoglobin enhancer  to reduce and fight  Iron Deficiency Anemia.

Kulekhara  is the primary ingredient of Kulerron, with few more  health reviving Ayurvedic Herbs like Ashwagandha  and Nagkesar  it  helps to increase haemoglobin and reduce anemia significantly. A rodent research showed that  red blood cell level and WBC count were increased considerably with Kulerron’s regular application.

Kulerron is considered to be one  of the best cost effective anemia reducing ayurvedic antidote and  is being consumed by people across the country  suffering from the disease  to enhance haemoglobin and  reduce anemia .This ayurvedic anemic medine  has no adverse side effects.

We at Branolia , remain committed to the national fight against anemia and have extended the availability of  Kulerron across the country through online at a very reasonable price.


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