Ayurveda’s Call On Irritable Bowels

Healthy bowel movements are one of the major reasons that ensure the robust metabolism of the body. However, there are instances when the body does not perform regular mechanisms of excretion due to a number of reasons. This, in turn, triggers disorders related to the large intestine which involve bloating of the lower abdomen, flatulence, and in some instances even diarrhea. The prominence of these symptoms may suggest the presence of Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is a functional disorder occurring in the gastrointestinal tract. Ayurveda fosters the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders through some of its herbal formulations of Sonapata, Haritaki, and Teori as they never come with side-effects.

IBS has two segregations, one being IBS-D(due to diarrhea) and the other being IBS-C(due to constipation)

  • IBS-D is identified with frequent diarrhea  and  problems such as recurring stools, Nausea, also the feeling of unevacuated bowels during excretion are some of the distinctive symptoms of IBS-D
  • IBS-C  features abdominal pain and an uncomfortable sensation owing to constipation. It has distinctive symptoms of bloating of abdomen, flatulence, straining sensation during the passage of stool.

The causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) are based on some assumptions as the actual reasons supporting its cause are unknown:

  • Gastroenteritis, which is typically a bacterial or viral infection in the stomach and intestines, acts as a potential trigger for IBS.
  • The possible occurrence of food sensitivities due to absorption of salts and acids from food
  • Peculiarities in the serotonin levels in the colon which adversely affect the colon and bowel movement
  • Anxiety, stress, and depression may play a vital role in the occurrence of IBS.

Some prominent symptoms of IBS include:

  1. Pain in the abdomen, Bloating of the abdomen, and severe cramps which mitigates the passage of stool.
  2. Excess flatulence
  3. Constipation
  4. Mucous discharge in the stool.
  5. Bleeding from the rectum
  6. Incurring weight loss
  7. Nausea- the urge to vomit
  8. Lethargy

Nowadays, people have become more vulnerable to such gastrointestinal disorders due to their imbalanced diets, consumption of gluten-rich and fried foods and they are responsible for deterring the bowel movement. A report published by the Indian Society of Gastroenterology Task Force in 2008 aimed at studying the profile of Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) and the incidence of its symptoms across the population in India. The study concluded that most middle-aged men were susceptible to IBS. It stated that middle-aged men experiencing IBS had a sensation of incomplete evacuation of bowels and the presence of mucus in their stool. Even though abdominal pain was a prominent symptom but it was not universal and that the stool frequency was similar for all the patients irrespective of the fact, whether it was diarrhea or constipation. The study highlighted that 90 percent of the non- affected people had 1to 2 stools per day whereas  4.2 percent of the people, experienced complex symptoms of IBS.1 Evidently, more people in the middle ages are seeking medical assistance for its cure.

Even though in today’s world, allopathic cures are more sought after, Ayurveda can offer much simpler and refined remedies to alleviate victims of  IBS. There are a number of ayurvedic solutions which suffice the treatment of hindered bowel movements. Branolia Chemicals is one such company that has utilized Ayurveda’s authenticity and versatility in a way that would benefit every man. Branolia Chemicals has a number of products in store for us, and one such product which meets the requirements for healing IBS is Bellytone. Bellytone is one such exclusive tonic manufactured by Branolia Chemicals which is an amalgamation of Sonapata, Haritaki, Teori and Ajowan, all of them aimed at relieving constipation and subsiding flatulence. Sonapata and Haritaki are renowned laxatives that ease bowel movement. Teori is recognized as a carminative and Ajowan quickens digestion. These properties of Bellytone make it potentially capable of eliminating gastrointestinal disorders like IBS.

Branolia Chemicals has indeed been getting along with the illustrious years of its journey, inculcating the principles of Ayurveda into people’s lives, making use of Ayurvedic authenticities in its exclusive products that are aimed at benefitting people and doing away with their health miseries. Branolia Chemicals, through its wide range of products, has reached out to people in need and this keeps motivating people to fight off the perils of grave health issues, like IBS, thus lifting a heavy burden off their shoulders.

Indian Society of Gastroenterology Task Force-  Epidemiological and clinical profile of the irritable bowel syndrome in India.  http://medind.nic.in/ica/t08/i1/icat08i1p22.pdf

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