Brahmi the Memory Enhancer Ayurvedic Medicinal Plant


Brahmi  (Bacopa monnieri) a medicinal plant that  has been commonly used in Ayurvedic and other alternative medicines to enhance the power of the brain. For hundreds of years, Brahmi has been believed to improve the brain’s functioning by modulating the chemicals related to concentration, memory power, and learning.

Medical research corroborates Ayurveda’s claim that some of the organic compounds in  Brahmi makes it a   brain-rejuvenating plant which has valuable alkaloids and other elements which impart a cooling energy in brain  and can act as a memory enhancer.

There are various beneficial factors of Brahmi,which are :

1.Improves brain functioning

The neuro-protective functionality of Brahmi may work effectively to treat people with Alzheimer’s, memory loss, and various other brain functions

2.Reduces anxiety and stress and helps in curing Insomnia

Brahmi can reduce nerve stress levels considerably which in turn helps to cure sleeplessness another common distressing disease

3.Acts as a great antioxidant

Containing a good amount of antioxidants, Brahmi leaves have the power to protect us from a range of diseases and health conditions. An antioxidant is a highly beneficial compound that protects brain’s damaged cells caused by harmful molecules known as free radicals.

4.Reduces ADHD symptoms

Many children across the world have been affected by ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  Several health benefits of Brahmi helps boost attention and cognitive skills.

5.Enhances the overall immune system

Its antioxidant compounds make the response time of the immune system quicker against bacteria or viruses.

 Beneficial For Dementia

Perhaps the  best benefits of Brahmi is its contribution to the treatment of Dementia. Latest study of World Health Organisation(WHO) reveals nearly  50 million of global population suffers from Dementia-a syndrome in which there is deterioration in memory, thought process, behavioural pattern  and the ability to perform normal regular activities. Medical researches   establish  Ayurveda’s claim that Brahmi is a  brain-rejuvenating plant and has the ability to protect brain cells from chemicals involved in Alzheimer disease ,the most common form of dementia.

Branolia- Ayurvedic  Tonic for Healthy Memory , powered by Brahmi

Branolia an Ayurvedic tonic is the flagship memory enhancing product from the house of Branolia Chemicals which was first launched in 1922.

Brahmi based Branolia tonic has been helping keep the brain alert and rejuvenated . Brahmi, the memory enhancer ayurvedic plant is Branolia’s main ingradient . It’s ability to enhance memory and beating down mental stress has made Branolia a household name for past 100 years.

Branolia , the Ayurvedic Tonic for Healthy Memory  is recommended by Ayurveda and alternate medical practitioners for a number of mental health issues, attention deficit and memory disorders.

The corroboration by modern medical research on the efficacy of Brahmi reinforces the trust Ayurveda has place on  Branolia.



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