Branolia’s Livonia – A Liver Tonic

Herbs LivoniaBranolia’s Livonia is a unique product which helps in detoxifying liver, stimulates the secretion of biles and in the process enhances the overall digestive system. The liver is one of the most important organs responsible for the proper functioning of the body. Various herbs are used to strengthen the Livonia formulation as prepared by Branolia Chemical Works. The most important ingredient infused into Branolia’s Livonia is Trifala (Tridoshic Rasayana) and Kalmega (Andrographis paniculata).

The herb in the making of Branolia’s Livonia assists in the proper functioning of the liver and even cures some chronic liver diseases like cirrhosis of the liver.

The two most important ingredients are:

Triphala (Tridoshic Rasayana)  

Triphala comprises a combination of three fruit namely Terminalia chebula (Haritaki), Terminalia bellerica (Bibhitaki) and Embilica Officinalis (Amlaki). These three fruits are commonly used in Ayurvedic preparations.The three herbs are mixed in equal proportions to prepare Triphala. The major properties of the three herbs are:

  • Bibhitaki – Terminalia belerica  is found widely in the Indian sub-continent. In Ayurvedic medicine, it has been used often as an expectorant. When research was conducted on rabbits, it was observed that this herb relaxed the thoracic aorta. (Source: Arif-Ullah Khan and Anwarl Hassan Gilani. Pharmacodynamic Evaluation of Terminalia belerica for its Anti-Hypertensive Journal of Food and Drug Analysis .2008;16:6-14).
  • Haritaki – It is widely used in Ayurvedic It is a small tree which is mostly found in India, Bangladesh, China, Egypt to name a few places. Various experiments have been conducted using this herb and it has been found effective in some cases of cancer as well. Traditionally it has been used as a laxative, astringent and even as an expectorant. (Source: Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health. Thai Herbal Pharmacopoeia Volume II. Nonthaburi, Thailand. 2000; 71-89). There is also a research which highlights the fact that it is able to cure blindness and even prevent the growth of tumors. ( Source: Saleem A, Husheem M, Harkonen P and Pihlaja K; Inhibition of cancer cell growth by crude extract and the phenolics of Terminalia chebula Retz fruit. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2002; 81(3): 327- 336 )
  • Amalaki – Embilica Officinalis , has been known to contain antioxidant properties since ages. Amla, is a rich source of vitamin C, is considered to be effective in slowing down the aging Aging is a result of damage to various cells and tissues, mainly because of the presence of oxygen free radicals. Vitamin C is a scavenger of free radicals which break them down; it has an antioxidant synergism with vitamin E which prevents pre-oxidation of lipids. It is one of the key ingredients in Triphala.

Branolia Chemical Works fortifies the goodness of these herbs to create Livonia which is effective in enhancing liver functioning by bringing about an overall well-being.

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