Branolia’s Potpourri of Herbal Therapeutics

herbal-medicineThe monsoons are always a welcoming event for all Indians as they give relief from the immense heat of summer. The happiness of jumping in the puddles, sailing paper boats, the simple joy of a hot cuppa is all so amazing during the rains. The lush green trees are also a welcoming sight.

However, as the rain rejuvenates every living being it also brings along with itself its share of woes. It is often accompanied by health issues related to cough, cold, jaundice, dysentery to name a few. Branolia Chemicals Works have developed a series of best in the class herbal therapeutics to fight the evils of monsoon. Branolia’s Bitocough, Branolia’s Livonia, Branolia’s Bellytone, Branolia’s Honey guard and Branolia’s Kulerron are some of the herbal products which will help tackle the monsoon woes.

Some tips to stay safe during the monsoon

  1. Stop eating from roadside vendors – Street food is something to avoid during the monsoon season. Foods like sandwiches, pakora, and Gol Gappa cause indigestion due to the presence of bacteria. Many times people consume like fruits which have been pre-cut and have been left in the open for a long time often invite germs that lead to food poisoning.Drinking water can also lead to water borne diseases like cholera and dysentery.

Branolia’s Livonia and Branolia’s Bellytone are apt herbal therapeutic medicine to fight cholera, dysentery and other stomach related diseases that generally afflicts people during the monsoon. Sixteen different kinds of herbs go into the formulation of Livonia that helps to detoxify the liver and keep the entire digestive system geared up.

  1. Take a shower immediately after getting wet – A shower is a must after one gets wet in the rain. A shower helps to disinfect the body, skin and other fungal infections. Fungal infections mostly attack the feet and nails which are a result from walking in dirty water. Sitting under the AC (air condition) after getting wet can lead to a cough and cold.

Branolia’s Bitocough has been empowered to fight a cough and cold. Enriched with the goodness of Vasak, Pipul, Tulsi, and Jashtimadhu a cough syrup has been formulated to give relief to a sore throat and also in the case of both dry and wet cough.

Branolia’s Honey guard is also a safe medication overall well-being of the body.

  1. Drink enough water – People often tend to drink less water during the monsoon. Herbal drinks with anti-bacterial properties are a great source to increase the overall immunity level to fight germs.

Monsoon is the time when most epidemics break out. As more and more people are moving towards Ayurveda to keep them healthy, taking some general precaution during the monsoon season will help people live a healthy life.

Branolia Chemical Works endeavors to bring best in class ayurvedic products in the ambit of the common man.

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