Combating Mouth Odour with Ayurveda

Clean bowels assure fresh breath. It is a cyclical process that starts with the intake of nutritious food which enables the stomach to function properly and perform proper digestion. This, in turn, ensures a smooth bowel movement, which in turn induces fresh breath. The digestion of food occurs in three stages; namely, the ingestion of food, assimilation of food and elimination of food. Ingestion involves the disintegration of food into its respective chemical components, whereas assimilation involves the absorption of essential minerals into the body. The elimination of indigestible food, in the form of faeces, is the final stage in this three-tiered process. The hindered movement of faeces is a precursor of constipation. Constipation or unclean bowels are the potential reasons for developing a stench in the mouth. In today’s world, an imbalance in the diet, the increased consumption of fast foods and aerated drinks, are the pivotal causes for the malfunctioning of the digestive system. The constant intake of gluten and greasy food hampers the digestion process. This, in turn, leads to the hindered passage of faeces, and the faecal remnants in the intestine induce foul smell in the mouth, making it unpleasant.

Since time immemorial, Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medication has been offering holistic solutions to problems experienced by the human body which encompasses effective remedies for combating a foul breath as well. Even though these problems do have alternative anti-biotic cures, people still invest their trust in Ayurvedic medicinal cures as they are free of side-effects. Ayurveda, through its herbal extracts and concoctions, caters to many of the oral problems, one of them being bad breath.

Some of the herbal ingredients in Ayurveda, effectively combat mouth odour. They are

  • Amla, which has an extensive application in Ayurveda, is used in the form of extracts, for rinsing the mouth. Amla, coupled with Haritaki and Bibhitaki, forms the Triphala, which is used in essential Ayurvedic compositions and acts as a rinsing agent to get rid of mouth odour.
  • Triphala, also identified as an effective remedy in Ayurvedic combats constipation as well, as it is a laxative. It facilitates smooth bowel movement which will result in fresh breath.

Ayurveda also suggests the use of rinsing agents like sesame oil and fermented rice water to do away with mouth odour.

Two of Branolia Chemical’s products, Bellytone and Livonia extend a helping hand to a person who suffers from digestive problems and, indirectly solves the problem of mouth odour. Bellytone, which is one of Branolia Chemical’s products, assists in abdominal metabolism. It relieves constipation and reduces flatulence, which is again a result of gastrointestinal problems or improper bowel movement. The prime ingredients in Bellytone are Sonapata, Haritaki, Teori & Ajwon and each of the ingredients acts as a laxative to combat constipation or curb flatulence. They enable the smooth functioning of the bowel.

Livonia is another product of Branolia Chemicals which assists in the healthy functioning of the liver. The liver, being a vital organ, is responsible for the disintegration of fats from food. Malfunctioning of the liver disturbs the digestion. Both these products aim at the proper functioning of the digestive system, enabling smooth bowel movement and hence, clean bowels will automatically eliminate mouth odour.

Over the years, the numerous products of Branolia Chemicals Pvt Ltd, have proved to be beneficial for the common man. Branolia, Branolia’s Kulerron, Branolia’s Honey Guard, Bitocough, Bellytone, and Livonia have testified their relevance in people’s lives through their commendable medicinal properties. The products of Branolia Chemicals have exerted immense influence on the lives of individuals. The exclusive concoctions and purity of the products manufactured are sufficient to prove Branolia Chemical’s worth in our lives.


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