COVID-19 and Mental Health- Ayurveda can help

Pandemic COVID-19 ,  poses a serious threat to older people with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other dementias. Considering the age of SARS-CoV-2 infected patients, the potential might lead to the development of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease.

The first report on the neurological manifestations of COVID-19 showed that “impaired consciousness,” including reduced consciousness level or delirium occurred more frequently among severe COVID-19 patients (13/88, 14.8%) compared to those with less severe disease (3/126, 2.4%).

In one study, 1 in 10 patients have been reporting memory problems after mild cases of COVID-19 which did not require hospitalization, even 8 months after disease.

COVID-19 may heighten the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, and COVID-19 can cause an increase in blood-based molecular biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease.

On the other hand, recent data suggest that people with dementia are associated with an increased risk of having severe COVID-19 and mortality associated with it. In addition, the related public health interventions (e.g., physical distancing or lockdown) have major adverse impacts upon the well-being and the care of older people with dementia, and those caring for them.


Brahmi ,an ancient ayurvedic medicinal herb, is found to improve the total memory score and maximum improvement was seen in logical memory and paired-associate learning in humans. In a study on geriatric patients with onset of Alzheimer, Brahmi was found to have induced significant improvements in the orientation of time, place, person and attention components amongst the patients.

Brahmi promises to be a high potential agent against Alzheimer’s disease. The corroboration by modern medical research on the efficacy of Brahmi reinforces the trust Ayurveda has placed on Brahmi .


Branolia Chemical Works manufactures Branolia, which has been an extremely effective brain tonic for nearly 100 years. The main active ingredient in Branolia is Brahmi.

Brahmi, the main ingredient of Branolia, is  known to be widely beneficial in boosting memory and highly recommended by Indian Ayurveda, and other alternative medicines to fight Alzheimer’s Disease

Brahmi in Branolia, helps improve memory and has helped position Branolia as a trusted brain tonic. Branolia is a 100-year-old brain tonic and is used widely across the country and has become a household name.

Branolia tonic has been helping keep the brain alert and rejuvenated and beneficial in combating mental stress.



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