The Ayurvedic Lifestyle: Long forgotten Dietary Habits

There is a saying in Hindi quite popular among the masses “Aadmi Ke dil ka rasta uske pet se hi hokar jata hai… , the corresponding translation of the statement being that the way to a Man’s heart goes through his stomach”.  On a spiritual note, the stomach is the seat of processing reality. The vacuum in our stomach stirs our innermost sensations and feelings. Whenever the emptiness within begins to consume us, we devour food which satiates our need and hunger and gives us respite from our yearning. Healthy food habits are responsible for nurturing us, moulding our growth and development in a positive way. Ayurvedic lifestyle and food habits have always been a boon for the people, benefitting them in every step of life. However, the reality which surfaces itself is much gloomy. The galloping time has left  ancient Ayurvedic practices and food habits far behind, oblivious to the common man which otherwise would have been an extra advantage to us

Some of the food habits involving Ayurvedic practices which should be inculcated in our regular lifestyle:

Eating Seasonal Food

A monotonous food regime is not welcoming as it may not be enough to nurture our body. Bringing in variety in the choice of food during the different seasons of the year is an added advantage to our body’s nutrient cycle. Seasonal fruits are a necessity for healthy body growth. For instance, the consumption of curd, cucumber and bottle gourd should be imperative during the summer months bringing about a cool effect in the body. The heat aggravating foods such as ghee should be consumed during the winter months.

Discouraging Overeating or we should eat the right proportions

Recurrent meals should not be undertaken. Ayurveda insists that there should be a substantial length of time separating two consecutive meals. The spiraling rate of junk and processed food consumption intensifies toxic elements that need to be cleansed. Cultivating sattvik food habits in our daily lives facilitates the detoxification of our body. Livonia, an authentic formulation of Branolia Chemical Works proves to be a perfect Ayurvedic tonic expelling toxins from our body and revitalizing the functionalities of the pivotal digestive organ of our body, the Liver.

Slow-paced eating

It should be imperative to eat at a steady pace and directing all the concentration while chewing food. The morsel of food in our mouth should be chewed and ground well, providing sufficient surface area for the digestive enzymes in the mouth to act fast, so that the digestion speeds up after the food passes down. Bellytone is an ayurvedic tonic, manufactured by Branolia Chemical Works which aids digestion and stimulates a healthy metabolism.

Distracted eating is averse to health

Certain food habits can lead to adversities in health. Surfing phones, sifting the pages of the newspapers, tampering with other gadgets while eating will falter the relaying of signals to the brain and result in impeding the rate of enzyme secretion for digestive functioning.

Eating food using fingers

This particular food habit is accentuated in traditional lifestyles encouraged by Ayurveda. Involving fingers directly to make the morsel of food conveys a direct signal to the brain. This, in turn, stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes enhancing digestion.

Sitting posture while having meals

This is another Ayurvedic practice that is still popular among the rustic folk, in India which is deemed beneficial for our body metabolism. Sitting in this posture is not only supposed to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic area, but also alleviate stress and anxiety, ensures tranquility to the mind on account of blood flow to the brain.

Drinking  water while standing should be avoided

The standing posture for eating food or drinking water is more often criticized for its negative health impacts. Drinking water up straight mounts unnecessary pressure on the kidneys. It also disturbs the equilibrium of the body fluids, amassing fluids in the joints inflicting arthritis.

Lukewarm water at the beginning of the day

An ayurvedic practice which people should adhere to is to drink lukewarm water and then to start rolling in the regular chores. Lukewarm water warms up the body, thus hastening metabolic activities and assists in shedding bodyweight.

These Ayurvedic practices should be cultivated in our daily lives for a harmonious and serene lifestyle. Branolia Chemical Works has maintained the pristine essence of Ayurveda in its authentic products. The formulated tonic like Bellytone has created a perpetual imprint on our lives and that is what makes a difference today.


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