A Fulfilling Career In Clinical Research With Pharma Companies

Clinical Research Branolia
Clinical Research Branolia

Innovation and technology are the two important drivers of the pharmaceutical companies. As the onslaught of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases and neurological disorders are on the rise, the investment of pharma companies on research and innovation is increasing by leaps and bounds.

Career Description- Clinical Research:

Clinical research involves various processes like testing products, usually medicines for their effectiveness and safety. The experiments are usually conducted in a controlled environment by pharma companies, hospitals, and government. As this kind research effects the well- being of human beings directly, so it occupies a place of great importance in the entire pharmaceutical industry.

A Clinical Researcher is engaged across all the stages of a clinical trial, starting from identification of the trial, setting up of slides, step by step monitoring and closing down of the trial.

Key responsibilities of A Clinical Researcher:

A clinical researcher has to ideally:

a) Writing down the methodology and the purpose of the trial

b) Adhering to the trial protocols

c) Designing the procedures for collection of data

d) Coordination with the ethics committee, which safeguards the rights, safety, and well-being of the subject on trial

e) Maintaining and managing the documentation which comprises of approvals from organizations that monitors research of existing and new drugs

f) Building up relationships with doctors, consultants and other investigators on the smooth conduction of the trial

g) Close monitoring of the trial during the entire duration on a regular basis

h) Results have to be compiled and documented with proper supporting documents

i) Preparing and publication of the documents

Qualifications of A Clinical Researcher:

The necessary qualification that is required is a post-graduate degree from a recognized university in life sciences.

Post graduate degree in the following subject like:

• Anatomy
• Biochemistry
• Biology
• Biomedical science
• chemistry;
• immunology;
• microbiology;
• molecular biology;
• pharmacology or pharmacy;
• physiology;
• toxicology.

The employers comprises of Pharma companies around the globe, hospitals, and government.

Career Prospects of a Clinical Researcher:

The career structure differ on the basis of the company. A CLinincal Researcher(CR) usually starts at a lower level and then moves up the ladder. A fresher will usually start at

• CRA level 1 – At this level, the researcher basically works on pre-trial procedures and organizing the clinical trials

• CRA level 2 – A Clinical Researcher at this level coordinates with the regulatory authority, monitors and supervisors trial supplies, and also at times conduct trials.

• CRA level 3 – Overseas the entire trial procedure and submits the final reports.

Places to Study Clinical Research in India –

Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Clinical Research is offered in various institutes like Institute of Clinical Research India, Hyderabad, Institute of Clinical Research India situated in Mumbai, Institute of Clinical Research in India based out of its campus in New Delhi are some of the prominent places to acquire the necessary skills to become a full-time clinical researcher.

The basic skills required by a Clinical Researcher are excellent written and oral skills, eye for detail, the ability to multi-task and to handle situations as and when they arise. An enhanced concentration power will reap reach benefits in this particular profession.

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