Civil Engineering Building a New Odisha

civil-engineeringModern, reliable and sustainable public infrastructure is critical to the growth and development of a country. Engineers play a very vital role in planning, developing, building and maintaining the basic infrastructural facilities required for a country to function. Be it a water treatment facility or bridges or flyovers or roads civil engineers are everywhere. With urbanization, infrastructural developments in India are on the rise.The onus now lies on civil engineers to learn new technologies and apply them pragmatically towards the development of the country. The importance of good roads and transport networks in accelerating the pace of economic development of a state cannot be belittled and the government in Odisha is all set to make the change. Infrastructural development also leads to the need to improve the quality of civil engineering education in the state of Odisha.

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest professional engineering branches that broadly deal with design, construction, and maintenance. Modern day civil engineering has been broken down to various other sub-disciplines like environmental engineering, urban engineering, Geo-technical engineering to name a few. Civil engineering graduates play a crucial role in the infrastructural development of all sectors, from the public sector to the private sector, from individual house owners to international companies.

Contribution of Civil Engineering to Infrastructural Development

Civil engineering graduates are known to give shape to the infrastructural development of Odisha. From developing better water supplies, municipal sewer systems, wastewater treatment plants to the design of buildings to protect people from natural hazards and provide health care, to improved agriculture through water resource development and distribution projects to rapid and dramatic changes in the transportation systems, civil engineering graduates have developed the basic infrastructure on which modern society operates in. They continue to be dedicated to technological and infrastructural development for the common good and the general public. The growth in the GDP of the state of Odisha is directly linked to the infrastructural development of the state. Thus the demands for civil engineers are on the rise

The Action Plan to be followed by the Odisha Government

The Odisha government in order to promote the development of education pertaining to civil engineering needs to implement the following:
a) Setting up adequate educational institutes where civil engineering courses are taught- The government of Odisha can make it mandatory for both private and government engineering colleges to teach Civil engineering as a discipline.
b) Special training institutes need to be set up for training civil engineers.

Top Engineering Colleges teaching Civil Engineering in Odisha

Some of the top Engineering Colleges teaching Civil Engineering in Odisha are :
a) IIT Bhubaneswar, Odisha –
b) CET, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
c) National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, Odisha
d) KIIT School of Engineering, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Students of civil engineering are creating new methods to make the lifestyles of people more comfortable. They do this by building comfortable houses or renovating them as per as the needs of their clienteles. This in fact leads to the development of the nation and in turn, the world.

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