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Ayurveda exemplifies an indigenous system of medicine that has remained an indivisible part of Indian culture. Even though this traditional system of medicine has its roots embedded in India, Ayurvedic practices have been widely adopted by different cultures all over the world. It is believed that Ayurveda’s global demand will observe a meteoric rise in the upcoming years. An article published by Maximize Market Research Pvt Ltd1, an Indian consultancy firm located in Pune, Maharashtra, providing insights into market research and analysis, has predicted that the value of the global Ayurveda market will propel to $US 14.9 billion by 2026 from $ US 4.5 billion in 2017, at a CAGR of 16.14%. Therefore, the future of Ayurveda appears bright as more and more novel Ayurvedic companies foray into the global market and address the needs of the common man.

Branolia Chemical Works is one company that has upheld the principles of Ayurveda for the past 95 years. They offer a wide range of products that are enriched with herbs like Aswagandha, Brahmi, Kulekhara, Triphala, Vasak, Pipul, Nagkesar, Kalmegh, and Tulsi.

Below are listed few herbs which add value to the products of Branolia Chemical Works

Aswagandha(Withania somnifera)- The name of this shrub is justified as it is kept after “ashwa”, meaning horse, since its roots give off the stench of a horse. This herb is a well-known adaptogen. It relieves the body of stress and anxiety. The leaves of this herb are effective against fever. It is present in Branolia’s HoneyGuard, which is used for combating cough and cold. Aswagandha is also effective in treating anemia. It is also one of the constituents of Branolia’s Kulerron which is a tonic that treats iron deficiency.

Brahmi(Bacopa monnieri)– This perennial, creeping, neuroprotective herb stimulates specific chemicals for proper brain functioning and improves memory. Brahmi extracts improve hand-eye coordination in children between 6 to 8 years of age. The intake of Brahmi is one of the appropriate options for curing Alzheimer’s disease as well.

Branolia is an Ayurvedic tonic which is prepared from Brahmi extracts aimed at sharpening the mind and improving concentration. This tonic also possesses properties that rejuvenate the body.

Kulekhara(Hygrophila spinosa T)- Kulekhara is commonly known as swamp weeds. Kulekhara contains terpenoids, alkaloids, and flavonoids as well as various health-promoting properties. Different parts of Kulekhara come handy in the treatment of disorders like anasarca, hyperdipsia, vesical calculi and diseases pertaining to the urinogenital tract. This herb also assists in bolstering the hemoglobin level in the body.  

Branolia’s Kulerron is one product of Branolia Chemical Works which derives its efficacy from the extracts of Kulekhara, Aswagandha, and Nagkesar. Aswagandha is also rich in iron and plays an important role in enhancing hemoglobin content.

Triphala- This is a polyherbal Ayurvedic medicine which comprises the dried fruits of Amlaki, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki. The combination of three herbs not only acts as a laxative but also increases appetite and lessens hyperacidity. It is endowed with anti-bacterial properties that suppress the growth of undesirable gut microbes.

Triphala, along with Kalmegh extracts is formulated into Livonia. This is a product of Branolia Chemical Works which aims at monitoring the functional efficiency of the liver.

Tulsi(Ocimum tenuiflorum)–  This shrub is often referred to as the “elixir of life”. Tulsi possesses germicidal and anti-biotic properties that are helpful in curing fever. This aromatic shrub eliminates any congestion in the bronchial airway. Tulsi also liquefies phlegm deposits and is an excellent antidote against cough and cold. Branolia’s HoneyGuard and Bitocough are two products of Branolia Chemical Works which include the usefulness of Tulsi.

Branolia Chemical Works has always strived to benefit the people by obtaining the best of Ayurvedic herbs to prepare suitable concoctions. The products of Branolia Chemical Works come at reasonable prices thus making it affordable for the masses and aim at diminishing the illnesses affecting the common man.

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