An Ayurvedic Memory Tonic to Boost Mental Health

branolia-healthNature has the best answer to all the disease affecting human body from time immemorial. The species of plant distributed across the world environment has some pharmacological action on the body. Ayurvedic medicine and herbs are now back to the forefront as synthetic medicines are known to have side – effects. The American Heart Association in the year 2016 published a research paper citing facts that synthetic drugs used to treat hypertension leads to mood disorders. (Source: India with a rich traditional knowledge of Ayurveda and herbal medicine has always believed in the goodness of herbs to treat diseases. The impact of Ayurveda on Indian people is so deep rooted that Ayurvedic medicine is easily available for common masses and various pharma companies like Branolia Chemical Works have developed a potpourri of herbal therapeutics to nurture people naturally. Branolia, an Ayurvedic memory tonic enriched with herbs like Brahmi is one of the few Ayurvedic memory tonics available to help in increasing the overall functioning of the brain.

As per the estimate pointed out by WHO, the second major cause of disability and morbidity by 2020 will be depression, the first being cardiac disease. (Source: According to a more recent report by National Mental Health Survey (NMHS) commissioned by Government of India and implemented and coordinated by National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, about 150 million Indians aged 18 and above and 7.3% of those aged 13 to 17 years of the total population are suffering from various mental disputes and are in need of mental care service. In this present scenario, Branolia, an Ayurvedic memory tonic has been fortified with Brahmi and various other herbs like Jasthimadhu, Berala, Ashwagandha which acts as a powerful memory tonic to improve brain functioning. In this scenario, Branolia, an Ayurvedic memory tonic is a tool in the hands of the common mass to enhance their mental health.

Branolia, an Ayurvedic memory tonic comprises of a potpourri of herbs.

Some of the important herbs are –

a)Brahmi: Also referred to as (Bacopa monnieri) has positive implications for improved neurotransmission and repair of damaged neurons via enhanced regeneration of nerve synapses via changes in the hippocampus, cerebral cortex (areas critical to memory function) and hypothalamus regions of the brain. It also acts in Memory enhancement, cognitive function, Reduces amyloid levels in PSAPP mice, the effect on the cholinergic system, prevents aluminium neurotoxicity i.e., protect the brain from oxidative damage resulting from aluminium toxicity.(Source:

b) Yashtimadhu: The chemical name for this herb is Glycyrrhiza glabraThis herb helps in spatial learning and passive avoidance, preliminary free radical scavenging, cerebral ischemia and antioxidant capacity towards LDL oxidation. (Source: Chowdhury B, Bhattamisra SK, Das MC (2013) Anticonvulsant action and amelioration of oxidative stress by Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract in pentylenetetrazole- induced seizure in albino rats. Indian J Pharmacol 45: 40-43.)

c) Ashwagandha (withania somniferous): Ashwagandha helps in neurotic regeneration, synaptic reconstruction, axon extension dendrite extension synaptogenesis memory improvement.

Branolia fortified with Brahmi is a formulation with more than ninety-three years of research. An Ayurvedic memory tonic, Branolia helps in the overall functioning of the brain. It is suitable for people of all ages. Branolia, an Ayurvedic memory tonic can be especially used by students to increase their cognitive skills and by people suffering from mental ailment as well. Age related disorder like Alzheimer’s can also be done away with Branolia, ayurvedic memory tonic.

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