Ayurvedic Perspective to Stress Management

Stress Management

A common story about all of us when one is not able to reach office on time or fail to attend an important deadline the world seems to come to a halt. Dejection and depression sets in and nothing seems to go according to the set plan. The urge to control the environment around us increases the stress factors in our lives. The problem of today’s world is that one experiences stress so often that diseases like high blood pressure, indigestion, lowered immune function, irritability or just plain exhaustion commonly plagues us. Ayurveda insists on maintaining a harmonious balance between the vital energies of our body, the vata, pitta, and kapha to deal with all kinds of stress and ailments. Ayurveda’s definition of health refers not only to the absence of human ailments but also a holistic level of well- being throughout a person’s life. Ayurveda’s approach to treating diseases involves a threefold approach that comprises the overall functioning of the mind-body, and spirit. They have a deep influence on the quality of life and a slight imbalance can lead to a number of diseases both physical and otherwise.

Branolia Chemical Works have a formulated a tonic ‘Branolia’ using the miracle herb Brahmi for enhancing the functionalities of the brain. Brahmi or Bacopa monnieri has been used as medicine to soothe the mind for centuries. Brahmi the key ingredient in Branolia has been known to work wonders in diseases like Alzheimer’s, boosting of memory, lowering anxiety, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder some allergic conditions, irritable bowel syndrome, and as a tonic to fight stress.

What to do about everyday stress?

There are both internal and external factors that leads to stress. External factors are like financial problems, work pressures and mostly factors beyond our control. Internal factors are more under our purview like low self-esteem, lack of sleep to name a few. The best thing is all of these factors can be controlled. The challenge is to play and stay healthy.

Some of the common ways one can tackle stress are:

  1. Communicating Right – A lot of stress builds up with the breaking down of the communicating system around us. Each time a person fails to address the reason and communicate the problem toxins starts piling up inside us and slowly starts to affect our health. Talking helps at times and even being among other people with similar problems can also help.
  2. Keeping track or maintain a checklist – A checklist as to the work in hand can help us during the day. Each time a work gets done it adds up to the feel-good This helps in relaxing the mind and reducing stress to a large extent.
  3. Hold the hands of Nature – It is advisable in today’s world to go back to medicinal herbs for a better life. Turning to ayurvedic medicines and way of life helps in maintaining the balance of the doshas in the body. Brahmi a commonly found medicinal herb is known to influence and enhance the well-being and the quality of consciousness.

Ayurveda helps in building a bridge between the body and mind. Easy availability of formulations from the house of Branolia Chemical Works uses herbs like Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Jasthimadhu has a calming effect and helps in lowering anxiety and stress.

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