Ayurvedic Treatment to Fight the Cold Virus in Children

Monsoon’s over and now is the time for autumn ailments to start kicking in soundtracked by snuffles, coughs, and sneezes. Parents are extra cautions as children are the first one to be hit by the cold and cough virus. Children are more susceptible to these viruses as their immunity levels are still in the developing phase.

The virus spreads from one person to another by the following means:

  1. Children often touch their runny nose and the virus passes on to their hands. Touching anything or anybody with the infected hands assist the viruses to transmit.
  2. Some cold viruses are airborne which spreads when a child with a cold or cough sneezes.

Ayurveda prescribes a distinctive lifestyle and recommendations to treat the common cold in children, using only natural ingredients. It is based on an age-old principle that all diseases happen because of an imbalance in the elements of our body. Healing in Ayurveda comprises of a process that facilitates overall wellness and is safe on children without causing any reactions.

Ayurveda addresses the common cold as an aggravation of the kapha. The treatment for this can be bifurcated into two parts:

1) Abiding by certain lifestyle changes – Treatment of the common cold can be facilitated by abiding by certain norms that comprise of :

  • Drinking of warm water, warm milk to soothe the throat
  • Avoid containing any food or drink directly from the fridge
  • Any kind of fruits and vegetables that have a cooling effect on the body should be avoided
  • Eating a timely lunch and an early dinner for good digestion will also help in fighting the virus.
  • Children should be taught to wash their hands regularly and also to cover their nose and mouth with tissues when they sneeze or cough.

2)  Using certain Ayurvedic Herbs – Some important herbs that can be safely used to treat children suffering from common cold and cough are:

  • Tulsi Leaves – Also known as the holy basil is one of the most important remedies available in the treatment of cough and cold. Tulsi has been often termed as “liquid yoga” by some. It helps to reduce Kapha throughout the body and mind. It vitalizes the functioning of the lungs by removing Kapha buildup and promoting un – congested and easy breathing. It also helps in balancing the excess Vata or Kapha in the head and nerves. Branolia Chemical Works have developed an ayurvedic medicine Bitocough using the goodness of Tulsi. The herbal ingredient that has been used in the manufacture of Bitocough makes it a formidable medicine to fight cough and cold. This medicine can be safely administered to both young and old without any side effects.
  • Honey – Another important ingredient used in many ayurvedic concoctions is Honey. It is mainly used in mitigating the effects of aggravated Kapha from the body. Branolia Chemical Works have manufactured an ayurvedic medicine ‘HoneyGuard’ which enhances the goodness of Honey. It is coupled with other important herbs like Jasthimadhu and ashwagandha that helps in combating various diseases.

A child in order to stay healthy needs a good diet, good sleep and lots of physical activities to remain immune to disease causing viruses.



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