Brahmi Beneficial For Alzheimer Patients

Latest study of World Health Organisation(WHO) reveals nearly  50 million of global population suffers from Dementia–  a syndrome in which there is deterioration in memory, thought process, behavioural pattern  and the ability to perform normal regular activities. There are nearly 10 million new cases every year and the number is increasing at an alarming rate. Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of dementia and contributes to nearly 60–70% of cases (1).

‘Branolia’, the flagship product of our House is a   Ayurvedic Memory Enhancer Tonic which fights Dementia and boost memory, and has been widely used  across the country for nearly 100 years.

Brahmi, the main ingredient of Branolia,  is a medicinal herb,  known to be widely beneficial in boosting memory and preventing dementia and  highly recommended by Indian Ayurveda, and other alternative medicines.

It has a bitter and sweet taste, known to impart a cooling energy and acting as a memory enhancer. Interestingly, the leaf of the Brahmi herb has a similar shape like that of the cerebellum – part of the brain which helps in controlling concentration and memory.

Medical Research on Impact of Brahmi on Alzheimer disease

The latest medical research corroborates Ayurveda’s claim that Brahmi is a  brain-rejuvenating plant and useful for Alzheimer patients. Research suggest that

  1. Brahmi is a potential cognitive enhancer and neuroprotectant against Alzheimer’s disease Bacopa has been shown to reduce betaamyloid deposits in the brain of animal models of Alzheimer’s disease (2)
  2. It has significant memory-promoting effect. The memory enhancing properties of Brahmi are due to the presence of bacoside A, a bio-chemical which helps in re-building damaged brain tissues (3).
  3. It improves acquisition, retention and retrieval of learned tasks (4),(5)
  4. In a study on geriatric patients with onset of Alzheimer, Brahmi was found to have induced significant improvements in orientation of time, place, person and attention component amongst the patients. Language component in terms of reading, writing and comprehension also showed marked improvement. The patients involved in this trial also reported improvement in their quality of life, decrease in irritability and insomnia (6)

Brahmi based Branolia tonic has been helping keep the brain alert and rejuvenated for over last 100 years. The memory enhancing property of Branolia, its ability to beat down mental stress and keep the brain working on even keel has made Branolia a household name. Branolia is recommended by Ayurveda practitioners for a number of mental health issues, attention deficit and memory disorders.  The corroboration by modern medical research on the efficacy of Brahmi reinforces the trust Ayurveda has place on Brahmi and Branolia.


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