Healthy Gut Leads to a Healthy Brain

We have often heard and used these common phrases, “Trust your gut” or “Never apologize for trusting your intuition ….your gut is always right. These phrases signify the fact that you are receiving signals from your second brain, the gut. Our brain has a symbiotic relationship with the bugs in our gut. Whatever we eat, they eat. In exchange, they help our brain function optimally in a variety of ways. This particular thought, properly hidden in our digestive system is radically transforming our understanding of the connection between proper digestion, mood swings, overall health and even the way we think.

Ayurvedic medicine has always enlightened us on the fact that health and overall wellbeing of all individuals depend on our ability to digest everything we take in both tangibly by eating and drinking and intangibly by our experiences and emotions. Elaine Hsiao, associated with the California Institute of Technology has researched and has proved the effects of healthy and unhealthy microorganisms in the stomach to changes in the human behavior. (Source: Thus scientists have now reached a conclusion that humans have two brains, one in the head and the other one in the gut.

The few powerful ways to strengthen one’s gut and brain are:

  • Daily Meditation Helps – Ayurvedic treatment advises that meditating for 20 -30 mins will improve the overall functioning of the body. Meditation helps in fighting anxiety and stress which adversely affects the gut leading to acid refluxes, ulcers and even food allergies. Meditation helps by multiplying the oxygen level in the blood which in turn makes digestion easier.
  • Refrain from overeating – Humans love to eat and the problem multiplies when we eat more than what our stomach can hold. Ayurveda always suggests that one should leave about one-third of our stomach empty to allow the body to easily digest the meal.
  • Focus on doing away with negativity – Ayurveda recommends that doing away with negative thoughts and emotions will enhance the process of digestion by relieving stress. Scientific research has also pointed out that anxiety and stress associated with negative emotions can inhibit the entire process of digestion.

Ayurveda also suggests some herbs to help in the overall digestion process.

An increase in toxins in the body can lead to mood swings, irritability, depression and even issues related to digestion. Ayurveda aims to balance out the entire digestion process. Branolia Chemicals has an array of ayurvedic medicinal tonic to boost digestion.

One of the most effective herbs that support digestion is Triphala. It is a combination of Amala, Haritaki (Chebulic Myrobalan) and Bhibhakti (Belleric Myrobalan). The ayurvedic formulation of Triphala is such that it comes enriched with antibacterial, antifungal properties that help in the development of a healthy immune system and highly improved digestion and assimilation. Livonia and Bellytone, two tonics from the house of Branolia Chemicals are enriched with this herb. These two ayurvedic tonics from Branolia Chemical Works have manifold benefits in enhancing the digestive system and bringing about an overall well- being. Branolia’s Bellytone fights all problems related to indigestion and constipation. Branolia’s Livonia, on the other hand, helps in the cleansing of the liver to keep the entire digestive system regulated and furnished.

Another important herb that helps in the proper functioning of the liver is Kalmegha (Andrographis paniculata). The secret of this medicinal herb lies in its bitter taste. This herb is highly effective in problems associated with the functioning of the liver. Kalmegha is also one of the key ingredients in Livonia – a liver tonic from Branolia Chemical Works.

Ayurveda recognizes the wisdom of the phrase and supports it, “we are not what we eat, but “we are what we digest.”

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