Modern Age Ayurveda with Integrated Technology and Digitalization

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India, the holy land, has been always revered for her immense contribution to the world, in various spheres. She has always defined her perpetual relationship with the various elements of Mother Nature. Ayurveda defines one such explicable relation of ancient India with Mother Nature. Ayurveda is the system of medication which has been an integral part of India’s glorious past.

In the modern age, Ayurveda has imbibed technology, which is evident through technological developments in ayurvedic medicines as in today’s clockwork world; technology and digitalization have seized the limelight. In today’s world, every single aspect of our lives is governed by technology. It has taken its reigns over nature’s potentiality as well. With advanced technology and digitalization, Branolia Chemicals can easily upgrade their brand value. Some of Branolia Chemical’s popular products are Branolia, Branolia’s Kulerron, Branolia’s Honey Guard, Bitocough, Bellytone, and Livonia.

We see nowadays that, technology has created its impression on Ayurveda in the most unique way. Numerous software has been designed to provide specific guidelines for Ayurvedic doctors so that there is no diversion in the methodology of their treatments and it is carried out in a meticulous way. In the modern age, information technology plays a vital role in the propagation of Ayurveda. It incorporates clinical uses that add regular improvisations in the flow. Some of the technical innovations are:

  1. CAM- (Computerized Ayurvedic Medicare) Body Tuning is another form of the treatment in which the procedures of treatment are interconnected. Firstly, the data related to the physical conditions are indicated and relayed. Secondly, the data collected is comprehended so that it can be used to assess and effectively diagnose the problem. Originally, this software had been tested by Gujarat Ayurveda University in 1993 that had been developed by Dr. M.A. Shajahan.
  2. Prakes-It is another aspect of digitalization in Ayurveda. The body constitution (Prakrti) software and estimated by this digitalized system. This was designed by CIRA (Center for Research Advancement, Kerala). It focuses on the evaluation of the Prakrti.
  3. PILEX – Piles is a prominent problem faced by most people and there is no permanent solution to it as it is recurrent. Hence, technology has gifted the software PILEX which directs towards determination, effective diagnosis and facilitates treatment for a healthy future ahead.
  4. AYUSOFT- The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing had designed a software system, such that it facilitates the diagnosis of prevalent diseases. The system makes provisions for on-line learning sessions as well as constant up-gradation of the system.  This system enables the physician to devise an interactive session with the system in which he gives inputs regarding the patient’s current condition in the form of answers to questions designed by the system itself. The system suggests its own diagnosis for the patient’s illness thus advising and guiding the physician all the way through.
  5. RASEX- is another contribution of digitalization. It was designed by Government Ayurveda College, Trivandrum, CIRA and ER&DC, Trivandrum. This integrated technology brings out the correlation between pharmacological properties and therapeutic properties which acts as a valuable source of information.

Recent news doing the rounds is that  Nirog Street, an association aimed at bridging the gap between Ayurvedic practitioners and patients through integrated technology, which works in close coordination with the Ministry of AYUSH. They jointly organized the third edition of the Ojha Festival in association with CSIR-IIM Technology Business Incubator, to promote Ayurveda. The aim of the festival was to provide a podium to the ayurvedic experts and practitioners who were vocal about their thoughts and opinions about the connection between Ayurveda and technology.

The production unit of Branolia Chemicals Works is GMP certified. The production unit adheres to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines for manufacturing, testing, and quality assurance in order to ensure that a drug product is safe for human consumption. Branolia Chemicals have consistently maintained the quality of all their products and has continually adopted new technology and manufacturing processes to keep in pace with the changing times.

Integrated technology and digitalization have indeed been a boon for our generation and Branolia Chemicals surely has an immense contribution to India’s glorious healing system. With the help of integrated technological up-gradations, the products of Branolia Chemicals will easily be able to attain their desired goals in the years to come.

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