Social Media Addiction – You may be one without even knowing it

There are more than a few billion social media users worldwide, representing a global increase in the all-round increase in the number of digital users. Social network penetration worldwide is ever-increasing. In 2017, 71 percent of internet users were social network users and these figures are expected to grow. ( Data Source:

In India, the documented number of social media users approximate to 196.02 million in 2017 which is expected to rise to 226 million in the coming year. Social networking already accounts for the maximum time spent by people online, and users aged between 15 and 19 spend at least three hours per day on average using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram- across the globe. And it is often found that social media users can’t go a few hours without checking different social media platforms before getting up in the morning. This addiction is termed as FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. Social Media is one of the most common forms of addiction afflicting the younger generation who spend too much time on social media. However, there is yet to be any official medical acknowledgment of this kind of addiction as a disorder. Mental health professionals are increasingly researching on internet addiction and they foresee this as a grave condition in the near future.

Social Media addiction becomes is a rising trend amongst the millennial and it is often observed that it prevents them from leading a normal life. It also leads them to depression, decreased self- esteem, eating disorder, a feeling of insecurity and a decrease in the level of concentration. Another associated problem is the rising cases of cyberbullying leading to suicides and other ailments.

Social media cannot be fully eradicated from our lives keeping in mind its benefits however certain steps can be taken to limit its usage among youngsters.

  • Regular exercising and meditating can strengthen muscles and boost a positive mood.
  • Spreading an awareness among children and youth about the harmful effects of overuse of social media
  • Parents and teachers should regularly monitor internet usage amongst children.
  • Schools can play an active role in advocating the safe use of internet among children
  • Parents should set up boundaries or put a limit on timings as to the use of social media

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The fight against social media can be won by trying to focus on the positive aspects instead of the negative and also by trying to reach out to communities for support.


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