Stay Healthy During Monsoon with Ayurveda

Monsoon stems from an Arabic word meaning ‘seasons’. After the hot and humid summer months, the rains come as a blessing for one and all. Whether it drizzles or comes down as a wall of water, the soft vibration over the green landscape that mutes the noises of daily life reduces the intense speed of our usual activities. The monsoon season is a time of introspection, a period which through nature’s support is ideal for meditation and Ayurvedic treatments.

In Ayurveda, every season has its advantages and disadvantages. Each season is also accompanied by some doshas. Monsoon is the time when the Vata Dosha prevails. Ayurveda primarily focuses on cleansing the body of substances that cause diseases thus re-establishing harmony and balance. The doshas that attain priority during the monsoon season are:

a) Vata – It increases during the monsoon season which is the main cause of weakened digestion, acidic atmospheric conditions and gas produced from the earth and;

b) Pitta – Accumulation of Pitta due to the atmospheric condition gives rise to various stomach ailments.

In order to keep both Vata and Pitta under control, certain food and lifestyle changes are mandatory.

Branolia Chemicals has a potpourri of solutions to tackle the aggravation of Vata and accumulation of Pitta.

The best of therapeutic ayurvedic medicines from the house of Branolia Chemicals are:

  1. Branolia’s Honey Guard – This formulation brings along with it the goodness of Tulsi, Jostimadhu, Ashwagandha, Sunth and Honey to help in digestion and also to prevent cough and cold. It also acts as a health protector which can be consumed by people of all ages. This formulation also helps in fighting disease-causing Tulsi(Ocimum sanctum)  which has been frequently recommended by the Ayurvedic research community because of its ability to fight lifestyle diseases resulting from imbalances of Vata and Pitta.
  2. Bitocough – The essential ingredients used in the making of Bitocough, are Vasak, Pipul, Tulsi, and Jastimadhu. Vasak one of the key herbs in Bitocough has expectorant properties and acts as a bronchodilator. It is greatly used in respiratory troubles. It relieves a cough and fights off respiratory infections. It also helps in the management of asthma. Vasak and Tulsi are the most important ingredients in all ayurvedic cough syrup to fight cough and cold.
  3. Bellytone – During the monsoon, weakened digestion due to the acidic atmospheric condition is one of the prime cause of all diseases. Bellytone from the house of Branolia Chemicals is an ayurvedic syrup which tackles the gastrointestinal problems arising in this particular season. The herbs used in the making of Bellytone are Haritaki, Sonapata, and Ajowan. Consumption of these herbs helps balance the Vata and Pitta dosha in the body.
  4. Livonia –Regular intake of Livonia during the monsoon months works together in a synergistic manner to create an effect that is far more powerful and also more balanced than the effect created by individual herbs. It is one of best tonic to enhance the overall functioning of the liver.

Regular intake of these formulations from the house of Branolia Chemicals will help balance Vata and Pitta dosha in the body and fight against the onslaught of diseases during the monsoon.

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