A Dream Come True – Swapna Barman

“ Na jitle bari phirbo na”, these were the words Swapna Barman had told her mother when she visited her family before traveling to play at the 2018  Asian Games. Determination they say is the most critical predictor of success. This rang true for Swapna Barman, a girl from the Ghospara village situated on the fringes of Jalpaiguri town in North Bengal. Determination coupled with hard work and discipline connotes the strength of one’s mind to translate dreams and desires into reality. The story of Swapna Barman is all about her tenacity, hard work, and determination.

It was the 11th day of the Asian Games in the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta. History was waiting in the wings to write a new story. Swapna, a girl from West Bengal was in extreme pain as the shoes that she was wearing were not designed for her six –toe feet. To add to her suffering a gum infection was troubling her since the first day of the Asian Games. But her determination to achieve her goal in life pegged her on. Before the sun began its westward journey, Swapna had created history. She had become the first Indian athlete to win a gold medal at the Heptathlon.

For Swapna Barman, this was no mean feat. Since her childhood, she was different from the others as she had six toes on each foot. From childhood, she had to struggle hard to fulfill her desires. Her father a rickshaw puller and mother a tea – picker had to struggle to earn a decent livelihood to sustain the daily needs of the family. The cost of training and sponsorship were a distant dream for Swapna. One of her biggest challenges was to find the right footwear. It was always a painful affair for Swapna to run in her ill-fitting shoes.

The events of the Heptathlon tested her grit and determination. One of the events in the heptathlon, the Shot-put, was a challenge for Swapna because of her physical abnormality of having a six toe feet and also for the pain in her jaw. She had to place the shot put against the painful jaw and cheek. Moreover, the regular shot put shoes wouldn’t fit her and was too painful. Each time she moved her swollen gums would cause excruciating pain. Swapna proved that with willpower, resolve and resilience success is not just a word in the dictionary.

Swapna Barman is an inspiration for many girls. Success stories are more often a story of opportunities, hard work, long hours and determination. Success happens in the long run when determination turns to look like talent.

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Branolia Chemicals salutes winners like Swapna Barman for her spirit and attitude.

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